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LACE AGATE- Quartz. Blue Lace Agate is associated with hope, unity, cleansing, harmony, protection, optimism, positive thinking, appreciation for nature, smooth energy flow, joy, truth, purification and promptness. Makes us more easygoing. Mexican Lace Agate is said to lift depression. Pink Lace Agate increases friendliness and happiness. White Lace Agate attunes us to our highest mind.
Lapis LazuliLAPIS LAZULI- Also known as Lapis or Lazulite. (14th century, derivedfrbm the Arabic word lazaward from which the word "azure" comes) A rich azure blue in colour, lapis lazuli is a combination of minerals, primarily lazurite and alcite, often with spangles of iron pyrites. The best quality lapis lazuli comes from Afghanistan, where it has been mined since antiquity. In 1271 Marco Polo discovered old lapis mines in Afghanistan and from there it was exported to Germany, China, Russia and India. 

The ancient Egyptians, who often used it for their seals, probably also obtained their supplies from Afghanistan. It is a royal stone and was revered both in ancient Egypt and in Jewish history, as it was probably the 'sapphire' on the high priest's breastplate. It was used in Egypt to temper the ill effects of acts of incest, as pharaohs, the rulers of ancient Egypt, customarily married their eldest sister. For centuries powdered lapis was used as a pigment in oil paintings. 
It was a
favorite jewelry stone, said to promote friendship and goodwill and to guard against oppression and evil. It is known as the stone of truth and integrity, and is thought to enhance wisdom, inner vision and mental clarity. It can help one to overcome depression, enhancing feelings of serenity and self-acceptance, and is said to bring success in relationships and cheer to the user. Lapis allows us to tap our own inner power while purifying the soul and the thoughts. It helps us contact our spirit guardians. This stone is considered strengthening to mind and body. Also it can help us with insomnia, dreaming, women's healing, PMS, depression and infections. Lapis draws out the hidden negative energies and diseases. Lapis can be used in the treatment of disorders of the throat, bone marrow, thymus and the immune system and can help to relieve dizziness. Lapis lazuli is one of the birthstones for December (with turquoise), symbolizing prosperity .

MAGNETITE- (1851)Magnetite is a black oxide of iron in the spinel group and is also known in the gemstone trade as 
lodestone. The color range includes iron black and pale brown and the stone is strongly magnetic. It is found both in dark octahedral crystals and in amorphous lumps and can be attracted by a magnet from surrounding rubble. 

It is said that in 2634 BC the Chinese emperor Huang-ti constructed a compass with the aid of magnetite and that in twelfth century Europe the Vikings were using it for magnetic needles. Because of its magnetic power it has been called the "Hercules stone". In days past it was particularly popular with men who used it to retain and strengthen virility . Throughout history magnetite has been credited with the ability to cure rheumatism, general weakness, liver disorders, eye diseases, fractures, leg cramps, neuralgia and barrenness in women. Today it is also used to correct spinal damage caused by bad posture. Magnetite is said to promote tenacity, durability and endurance and to provide the answers required to get out of undesirable situations by enabling one to view things from a distance.

MalachiteMalachiteMALACHITE- (14th century, from the Greek malakhe, meaning "mallow ...a plant similar in color) A carbonate of copper, malachite is opaque or semi-opaque and always green. It has a striking color stratification, varying from a bright green to a very dark, even blackish green. The "stripes" are generally curved according to the outer surface of the stone. 

  As far back as the Bronze Age, malachite was used for ornaments and jewelry , but was also melted down to produce copper. It was highly valued for many centuries in Eastern Europe as an ornamental stone, especially in veneered form for tables and boxes. It is thought to stimulate instinctive and intuitive reasoning, promoting change that facilitates advancement. It is said to represent fidelity in love and friendship, loyalty in partnerships, and practicality and responsibility in business transactions. The stone augments  balance, peace, sensitivity, emotional maturity, inner clarity, self-understanding, positive transformation and healing. Malachite reflects the feelings of those who wear it. It also promotes purification and healing dreams as well as drawing out negative energy. It clears emotional blocks, aids digestion, diabetes and hypoglycemia, eases childbirth.  Malachite was also used in the treatment of cholera, colic, growths and other internal ailments. Malachite is helpful in the treatment of eyesight problems, toothache, vertigo and menstrual disorders. It is thought to protect against radiation and can be used in treating asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, tumors, growths, broken bones and torn muscles.

Marcasite, PyriteMARCASITE- Also called White Pyrite. Marcasite inspires relaxation, reflection, spiritual development, focus and clarity. It encourages past life recall and awakens ancient memories.
MOLDAVITE- A green meteorite. Especially good for channeling healing energy. Helps us communicate with our higher self.
MoonstoneMOONSTONE- (1632) A transparent or translucent feldspar of pearly or opaline lustre. The best moonstones, clear with a silky or blue sheen, or "adularescence" as this play of light is known, came from Burma and Sri Lanka, but are now rare.

Once called the "traveler's stone", moonstone was used for protection against the dangers of travel. It was also a talisman of good fortune and was said to keep that which was dear to one closer. According to legend, the brightness of moonstone increases as the new moon becomes full and Indians consider it sacred as it is believed that one can see Into the future if the stone is held in the mouth when the moon is full. This stone gets us in touch with our feelings and it is best to attune its energies to the moon's phases. Moonstone is protective of women and nature, and is the sacred stone of the moon goddess.  It is a "feeling" stone, enhancing understanding via intuition and emotion rather than via intellectual reasoning. It can be helpful in alleviating emotional tension and enhancing creativity and self-expression. Moonstones foster happiness, good fortune, nurturing, mothering, unselfishness, humanitarian love, hope and spiritual insight, new beginnings, abundance and ancient wisdom. It is said to promote ease in pregnancy and childbirth, to relieve the symptoms of pre-menstrual stress and change of life and to eliminate insomnia (an ancient remedy). Moonstone is one of the birthstones for June (with pearl and alexandrite ), symbolizing health and longevity, and is Monday's stone.

MOSS AGATE- Quartz. Greenish-brown. Moss agates are associated with prosperity, success, abundance, congeniality, compatibility, healing, rain, restoration, fertility of plants, protection of the earth, creativity, confidence and strength. This stone is helpful when starting new friendships or when seeking a compatible lover. Moss agate also helps us communicate directly with animals, plants and all of nature.
Snowflake ObsidianOBSIDIAN- (1601, from obsianus lapis meaning stone of Obsius, its supposed discoverer) Obsidian is lustrous volcanic glass formed in the flaming core of the earth and transported to the surface in volcanic eruptions. Also called lava glass, obsidian is fairly fragile. Although the color range and related names are varied, it is generally deep black, black with white flecks (snowflake obsidian), dark green or brown.

  Obsidian was a valued trading material amongst North American Native tribes who used it to make arrowheads and to deepen their insight during rituals and celebrations. Obsidian is a protective stone, calming internal and external energies and shielding one from the causes of physical and emotional harm as well as negativity. Because of its ability to bring people " down to earth" it is a useful stone for those who become lost in daydreams. Black Obsidian brings purification, transformation, inner growth, fulfillment, metamorphosis, manifestation, introspection, practicality, psychic ability and the correct use of inner power. This stone exposes our rationalizations and illusions about ourselves. Golden Obsidian increases self-control and is useful for habit-breaking. Mahogany Obsidian promotes acceptance of our sexuality and sensuality. Snowflake Obsidian keeps us balanced during times of change. In addition to stimulating the digestion, obsidian is thought to strengthen the skin, hair, nails, bones and spine. 

OnyxONYX- (14th century) A translucent chalcedony usually consisting of straight, parallel bands and colored black and white in alternating layers.

  Onyx is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the ancient high priest. For hundreds of years, it was carved to produce cameos as the contrast between the different colored layers heightened the relief. It has been used to alleviate grief, promote self control and wise decision making and to bring happiness and good fortune. This stone promotes increased vigor, strength, stamina, constancy, steadfastness, permanence, tenacity, firmness and durability. Valuable in difficult or confusing times of our lives. It is considered to be useful in the treatment of heart trouble, ear/hearing problems, watery eyes, hair problems and disorders related to bone marrow. It is thought to relieve stress by enhancing self control and inspiring serenity .Onyx is the zodiac stone for Leo (23 July to 22 August).


OPAL- (14th century, from the Latin word opalus meaning "stone" or "jewel") A quartz mineral valued for its iridescence and showing variations in color from white to black and in transparency from transparent to opaque. Numerous types are known, but usually only the transparent or translucent varieties are used as gems. Opals contain between 1% and 21% water.

The ancients believed that the storm god, jealous of the beauty of the rainbow god, broke the rainbow and that pieces of the rainbow falling to the earth became a part of the opal. In spite of a superstition that it brings bad luck, opal has been used as a gemstone for many centuries. In the Middle Ages, blonde maidens valued opal necklaces as they believed they helped their hair to keep its color. Opals were also believed to help women to relax during child birth. The Native Americans and the Australian Aborigines have used opal to invoke visions and it is known as a "stone of happy dreams and changes". Opals foster love, passion, loyalty, faithfulness, emotional expressiveness, warmth, spontaneity and dramatic ability. The stone is also associated with peace and consciousness. It is sometimes considered unlucky, but this is only because modern people fear their emotional side. A very emotionally responsive stone. Black Opal promotes cosmic awareness and oceanic consciousness. Boulder Opal fosters creativity and originality. Fire Opal inspires dynamic energy and intensity. Sonoma Opal induces emotional stability. White Opal enhances competency and efficiency. It is thought to disperse infections and alleviate fever, purify the blood and the kidneys, regulate insulin production and improve eyesight. Opal is one of the birthstones for October (with tourmaline), symbolizing hope.

PearlsPEARL- (14th century) Pearls are valued as gemstones although they are not actually minerals, but organic gems. They are the result of a minute particle of foreign matter, such as a fine grain of sand, entering the shell of a mollusk and being coated with the same material that covers the inside of the shell (called nacre, or mother-of-pearl). Eventually, the grain of sand is transformed into a pearl. There is a wide color range including white, black, grey, pinkish-white, and yellow-white.

Many explanations for the origins of pearls were advanced in earlier times, some of them very poetic. According to the old Eastern legend, quoted by the ancient scholar Pliny, oysters rose to the surface of the sea beneath the moon's rays, opened their shells and were fertilized by drops of dew. It  was not until the 16th century that a Dutch scholar recognized the true origin of pearls. Because the pearl is formed as the direct result of irritation, it is thought to hold the key to how we can overcome oppression and pain, an example of how to turn the insignificant into the sublime and beautiful. The pearl is thought to signify faith, charity and innocence and to enhance personal integrity. Pearls inspire purity,  concentration, focus, meditation, serenity, tranquility and wisdom. Pearls help us get in touch with the simple honest things in life. It has been used in the treatment of digestive disorders and is thought to increase fertility and ease childbirth. The pearl is one of the birthstones for June (with moonstone and alexandrite), symbolizing health and longevity .

PeridotPERIDOT( OLIVINE)- (1706, from an old French term of unknown origin) The gem variety of the mineral olivine, usually green and yellow-green. Generally the greener type tends to be called peridot and the yellower type, chrysolite.

Although known in biblical times, the source of peridot was the subject of great speculation until the 19th century. One theory was that the gems were from meteorites containing olivine found in Mediterranean countries. It was only early this century that the ancient source was discovered to be the island of Zebirget known in English as St. John Island) on the Egyptian shore of the Red Sea. Peridot (or olivine, as it is also known) is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the ancient high priest. It is thought to reduce stress, accelerate personal growth stimulate the mind and open new doors of opportunity and abundance while banishing lethargy and laziness. It can also help to heal a "bruised" ego by controlling anger or jealousy. Peridot inspires healing, renewal, purification, rebirth and growth and is especially good for healing the healers. It is a good antitoxin stone, cleaning most organs and glands, and an excellent healing stone, acting as a "tonic" to strengthen and regenerate the body. Peridot has been used in the treatment of ulcers and disorders of the heart, lungs, spleen and intestinal tract. It has also been used in the birthing process, thought to stimulate contractions and facilitate the opening of the birth canal. Peridot is one of the birthstones for August (with sardonyx), symbolising married happiness.

PETRIFIED WOOD- Fossilized trees. grays, reds, browns. Associated with stability, security, strength, longevity, grounding, calmness and wisdom. Helps us communicate with trees. Teaches us to respect old people and ancient knowledge.
Marcasite, PyritePYRITE-(Marcasite )(1588)A common mineral consisting of iron disulphide found in blocks, gravel and crystals, pyrite is a pale brass-yellow or golden-yellow color with a metallic luster. The paler colored variety found in unusual shaped crystals is known as Marcasite.

Plates of polished pyrite have been found in old Inca caves, and although assumed by some to be mirrors, these plates may have been used for their mystical powers. Because of its golden sparkle, pyrite was sometimes mistaken for gold by inexperienced prospectors causing it to become known as "fool's gold" around 1872. Pyrite is thought to be a very protective stone, helping to ward off negative vibrations on the physical and emotional levels. Simply having a piece of pyrite in one's possession can shield one from physical danger. Thought to symbolize the warmth and lasting presence of the sun, this stone encourages the recall of warm and happy memories of love and friendship. Pyrite is believed to promote the discovery of hidden talents and to be a useful stone for those who are indecisive. The stone has been helpful in treating bronchitis, disorders of the lungs, tonsillitis and influenza as well as in reducing fevers and inflammation.
RhodochrositeRHODOCHROSITE- (1836, from the Greek word rhodocros, meaning rose coloured) A mineral consisting essentially of manganese carbonate, rhodochrosite is most commonly found in ore veins and sedimentary deposits of pyrite and manganese ores. It is generally light to dark pink with white stripes and veins.

Sacred for the Incas, rhodochrosite was known as "Inca stone". It has also been called a "stone of love and balance" and is thought to awaken a need to give and receive tenderness and love. It is said to promote creativity and to reduce tendencies towards avoidance or denial, helping one to accept and integrate new ideas or information. Rhodocrosite promotes smooth energy flow, emotional expressiveness, kindness, tolerance, compassion and self-love and helps us live our spiritual beliefs. It can help with any problems concerning the heart, both emotional and physical it is said to be useful for those who wish to heal old emotional wounds and for stabilizing the heart and pulse rate. Rhodochrosite has been useful in treating problems associated with the respiratory tract, digestion, circulation and liver as well as cancer-related diseases and stress situations.

RhodoniteRHODONITE- (1823,from Greek rhodon meaning rose) A rose-red manganese silicate, usually veined with streaks of black due to the oxidation of manganese. It is commonly mined in very large blocks.

Although mined mainly in Australia today, the Russians of earlier years were known for their rhodonite carvings. The sarcophagus of the Russian emperor Alexander II (1818-1881) was carved from a single block. Rhodonite has been called a "stone of love". Rhodonite brings calmness, refinement, gratefulness, elegance, delicacy, courtesy, tact, alternatives and inner path. It  teaches us to see both sides of the issue. It is said to help one achieve their greatest potential, to dispel anxiety and to promote coherence during chaotic encounters. It has been used in the treatment of emphysema and can also be helpful for inflammation of the joints, light sensitivity , streptococcal throat infections, heart disorders and arthritis.

Rose QuartzROSE QUARTZ- Generally, as the name suggests, a very delicate soft pink, rose quartz is always somewhat milky rather than transparent, and varies in colour from an off-white pink to a warm rose-pink colour. The pink color is created by the inclusion of manganese and sometimes titanium in the quartz rock.

Until recently, rose quartz was thought to be found only in massive forms -in large deposits and veins -but it has now also been found in Brazil in small deposits of crystal form. While Namibia and South Africa are the main sources of the stone used today in jewellery and gemstone products, deep pink varieties are also found in Brazil and Madagascar. Some rose quartz specimens are asterated -that is showing a star of light reflected in the stone caused by impurities.

The early Chinese used rose quartz for carvings of the Goddess of Peace as the color was thought to reflect her gentleness and wisdom. Today the stone is used extensively in the manufacture of necklaces, pendants and small sculptured ornaments. Its color is often imitated in glass, but air bubbles -usually clearly visible under a lens -easily prove that it is not genuine.

Rose quartz enhances all forms of love: self-love, mother love, caring, kindness, platonic and romantic love.  It opens our hearts and encourages us to be tender, peaceful and gentle. The stone emanates unconditional love and nurturance and helps us attract positive, gentle love into our lives. Rose quartz teaches forgiveness and tolerance. Rose quartz is said to produce a restful, cooling energy that will restore calmness, balance and clarity to the emotions, and is considered excellent for healing emotional "wounds". Not surprisingly, because of these properties, it is also used to relieve burns and blisters caused by heat. It is considered helpful in releasing impurities in the cells of the body, and when placed on the reflex points or the acupuncture/acupressure points for the heart and lungs, it is thought to be particularly beneficial to these organs.

RubyRUBY- (14th century, from the Latin rubrum meaning "red") A red form of corundum, second only to diamond in hardness. The red color is caused by the presence of chrome.

Ruby and sapphire, the blue form of corundum, have a very long history of recognition as precious stones. Although it is likely that they were found much earlier, the first written references to ruby deposits come from the 6th century AD and mention Burma which is still the main source. Rubies were worn by Burmese soldiers to protect them against wounds in battle. The ruby is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the ancient high priest and during the Middle Ages was regarded as the "Lord of gems and the most precious of the twelve stones God created". It is thought to improve one's success in controversies, encouraging gentleness and discouraging violence. It has been said that as long as one retains a bit of ruby, wealth will never depart, and that it will protect against unhappiness, distressing dreams and lightning. Ruby fosters integrity, devotion, happiness, healing, courage, passion, romance, enthusiasm and generosity. It also evokes warmth, inspiration, prosperity, high energy, power and leadership ability. The ruby has been used in the treatment of fever and some heart disorders and can be used to decrease the length of time for toxins and chemicals to exit the body. Ruby is the birthstone for July, symbolizing contentment, and the zodiac stone for Capricorn as well as Wednesday's stone (star ruby).  

RUTILATED QUARTZ - promotes determination, self-control, strength of will, resolve, self-reliance, volition, steadfastness and firmness. Good  for people who have trouble making decisions. Also, associated with happiness, communication with spirit guardians and general healing.
RutiliteRUTILE (RUTILITE)-(1803) A mineral that consists of titanium dioxide, usually with a little iron, rutile is typically of a reddish-brown color, but sometimes deep red or black, with a brilliant metallic or diamond-like luster. 

In times past, rutile has been said to represent both the lovely hair of Venus and the "sweet-tipped" arrows of love. Because of the belief that it repels negative energy , the stone is thought to be useful for healing-it brings awareness of the reason for a disease so that one is able to correct the problem. Rutile has also been helpful in stabilizing marriages and other relationships as well as emotional and physical imbalances. It has been used in the treatment of bronchitis, to promote lactation and to put a "sparkle" in the eyes.

SapphireSapphire-left-cabachon-right-facetedSAPPHIRE- (13th century) A transparent rich blue form of corundum, the blue color caused by the presence of titanium.

The deposits of sapphire in Sri Lanka have a history of several thousand years. In antiquity , the robes of important Indian priests were adorned with sapphires. It is also said to have been the "Stone of Kings", worn to protect them against harm, and to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the ancient high priest. Sapphire is said to be helpful in freeing one of unpleasant or unwanted thoughts and in bringing joy and peace of mind by making one more receptive to beauty and intuition. Dark Blue Sapphire inspires creative expression, intuition and meditation. Green Sapphire brings luck. Orange Sapphire, also known as  Padparadschah, augments wisdom, optimism and friendliness. Pink Sapphire encourages generosity, love and loyalty. Star Sapphire develops independence, centering, balance and psychic. White Sapphire is associated with self-appreciation and spiritual development. Yellow Sapphire enhances intellect, study, knowledge and memory. It has been used in the treatment of disorders of the blood, combating excessive bleeding and strengthening the walls of veins, has relieved insomnia and nervousness and has also been helpful in treating boils. Sapphire is the birthstone for September, symbolizing clear thinking, and the zodiac stone for Taurus (20 April to 20 May), as well as Tuesday's stone (star sapphire). 

SardonyxSARDONYX-(14th century) A variety of onyx which contains layers of clear red or reddish-brown carnelian alternating with layers of white chalcedony.

Sardonyx was named after the ancient city of Sardix, capital of Lydia (now in Turkey), which was a centre for trade in the mineral. It is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the ancient high priest and is named as the fifth foundation stone in the wall of the New Jerusalem. It was used widely in early Egyptian days in talismanic rings, seals and cameos and is said to bring happiness in marriage. It is known as the "stone of virtue", thought to stimulate virtuous conduct throughout the many phases of one's life. Selenite is protective of the young and of those who try new things. It is associated with stamina, vigor, energy and creativity. Teaches us to love nature's wild places and inhabitants. It has been used to encourage self control, to diminish hesitation and provide courage, and to protect the wearer from poisonous snakes. It has been helpful in the treatment of infection and in the alleviation of pain. Sardonyx is one of the birthstones for August (with peridot), symbolising married happiness.

SELENITE- Clear Gypsum. Selenite promotes serenity, purification, peace, meditation and universal consciousness. It brings clarity of thought and purity of heart. A stone of truth, universal love, integrity, spirituality, psychic development, forgiveness and positive thoughts.
SERPENTINE- Various hues of green. Inspires respect for the elderly, longevity, retrieval of ancient wisdom and remembrance of past lives.
SILVER- An elemental metal. Fosters hope, meditation, unconditional love, mothering, nurturance, grounding, appreciation of women and nature, mystic visions, spiritual and romantic love, tenderness, kindness, sensitivity and psychic abilities. The metal is sacred to the Moon Goddess.
Smoky QuartzSMOKY QUARTZ- (1837) A form of quartz in colours including transparent light grey, brown, dark brown and black, smoky quartz occurs in massive or crystal form. Dark smoky or black quartz can be created by the irradiation of ordinary rock crystal. 

Used in the past in tribal ceremonies to provide protection from negative forces, smoky quartz is still considered to be a protecting stone that is thought to provide a barrier of protective energy around the user. The stone is believed to heighten survival instincts and to improve insight in "challenging" ,activities as well as promoting creativity in business and enhancing perception and learning. Smoky quartz has also been used to promote personal pride and joy in living. Smoky Quartz is associated with stability, practicality, intuition, pride, joy and a realistic, grounded spirituality. It helps us turn our wishes, dreams and desires into reality. This stone helps us tap subconscious wisdom, teaches us to simplify our lives and always live in a sacred manner. Smoky quartz has been useful in the treatment of addictions such as smoking, alcoholism and drugs. It is also thought to be helpful in dealing with fear and mood swings, as well as depression and even schizophrenia. It is a stone with strong healing powers being used to strengthen the skin and connective tissue, the muscular system, and in the treatment of infections and cancer-related diseases.   

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN- probably the most popular, is a black obsidian with inclusions of a white mineral (phenocryst) whose structure when polished resembles a snowflake. Snowflake obsidian is thought to promote sensitivity to the most vital powers in the universe -love and beauty. A "stone of purity", it brings balance and purity to the body, mind and spirit. It can be used to smooth the skin and to clear the eyes as well as in the treatment of disorders of the veins and skeletal structure.
SODALITE- Deep blue with white streaks and flecks. Encourages rational thinking, logic, intelligence, emotional balance, intuition, higher knowledge, clarity, truth, and perception. Fosters knowledge, learning proficiency, consciousness, communication and wisdom, This stone helps us unite the logical with the spiritual.
Spectralite, LabradoriteSPECTROLITE- Is associated with renewal, invigoration, energy, health and regeneration. Also known as labradorite.
SUGILITE- A recently discovered mineral, sugilite was named for a Professor Sugi who discovered it in Japan in the early 1970s. A few years later another limited deposit was found in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa and no other deposits have yet been discovered. Although sugilite is one of the most popular of the "new age" stones, the best material is very rare and even the lower qualities are limited. The color ranges from deep purple to light violet, frequently with black flecks.

Although this stone is a relatively recent discovery , there are few stones with greater healing powers. It has been particularly helpful for those suffering from cancer, immune deficiency and addiction. Because of its strong balancing and nurturing qualities, it is ideal as a protective stone for sensitive people. Sugilite can be used to eliminate hostility, anger, abrasiveness, jealousy, and prejudice -in fact, all negative traits! Thought to be a wonderful stone to wear or carry, it gives one a feeling of being free and encourages confidence and inspiration. Sugilite can be used to relieve headaches as well as soothing all types of discomforts and feelings of disorder simply by holding the stone and allowing the negative energy of the discomfort to be released into the black manganese of the sugilite.
SUNSTONE- A brilliant variety of oligoclase (a type of feldspar) flecked with minute scales of hematite. The color range includes grey, green, yellow, brown, orange, pink, peach and red. It usually shows brilliant reflections due to inclusions of hematite or goethite.

In ancient Greece sunstone was thought to represent the sun god, bringing abundance to those who carried or wore it. It was often used as an ornament on goblets and plates and was believed to counteract the effects of poison and to enhance strength. In ancient India it was believed to give protection from the destructive forces of other realms. It was also used by the ancients in the treatment of rheumatism sat in the sun surrounded by a circle of sunstones to achieve relief. Sunstone has been used by the Canadian Native Americans in rituals of the "medicine wheel" and it has been reported that in these ceremonies during contact with the spirit guides, the stone has emitted a golden glow. Sunstone has been used to moderate fearfulness, to reduce stress, to enhance vitality and to encourage independence and originality. In healing, sunstone has been found useful in the treatment of chronic sore throats, stomach tension and ulcers. It has been helpful is treating cartilage problems suffered by athletes and aching feet and spinal problems have been relieved by physical contact with a large specimen. In addition, it has even been used to bring "luck" in games! Sunstone is the gemstone for Sunday.

Tiger's EyeTIGER'S EYE- (ca 1891)A usually yellow-brown stone formed from seams of fibrous asbestos which through the ages have been transformed into quartz. Its unique silky reflections, called chatoyancy, are caused by light bouncing back from the asbestos filaments.

Unknown to the ancients, tiger's eye is a relatively recent discovery found in workable quantities only in South Africa. It is thought to help eliminate the "blues" and to bring brightness and optimism to the user. It has been used to stimulate wealth and to enhance the stability required to maintain it. Tiger's-eye has a smooth appearance and is said to produce soothing vibrations, bringing a calmness in times of turmoil. Tiger's eye enhances protection, clear thinking, personal empowerment, integrity, willpower, practicality, grounding and integration of spirit with worldly energy. Also associated with the correct use of power, courage, grace and the ability to see clearly without illusion. Integrates male and female energy within us. Red Tiger's Eye teaches us to be energetic in a very composed and serene way. Tiger's Eye has been used in the treatment of asthma, disorders of the eye, the throat and the reproductive system and can also be used to strengthen the alignment of the spinal column and to facilitate the mending of broken bones.

TOPAZ- (13th century) A usually yellow to brownish-yellow transparent gemstone. The stones of this most typical color of topaz are sometimes referred to as "golden topaz" or "sherry topaz", but other colors such as pink or "imperial topaz", blue and colorless are fairly common. In earlier times the name topaz mainly referred to a gemstone now called olivine extracted on an island then known as Topazos or St. John in the Red Sea. It was probably also given to other yellow stones which were indistinguishable from one another without adequate knowledge of chemistry and mineralogy.

  Topaz is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the ancient high priest and was the ninth foundation stone in the wall of the new Jerusalem. Topaz is considered quite precious by the African bushmen, being used in ceremonies for healing and for connecting with spirits. The stone is believed to bring health and wealth and to protect the holder against danger. Blue Topaz inspires leadership ability, psychic knowing, spiritual growth, tranquility and psychic insight. Clear Topaz helps us communicate with Devas (Nature Spirits)  and with the animals and plants of the earth. Golden Topaz builds generosity, happiness, humor, optimism, creativity, wisdom, inspiration, abundance and love. It also attracts love to us and teaches us about spiritual love. Green Topaz guides us toward forgiveness and understanding. Pink Topaz promotes honor and truth. In healing it is said to "activate" the lungs, preventing colds and tuberculosis, to improve eyesight and to relieve stress. Some say that if you put a topaz under your pillow at night it will soothe the nerves and energize the body during sleep. Topaz is the birthstone for November, symbolizing fidelity, and the zodiac stone for Sagittarius (22 November to 21 December).

TourmalineTOURMALINE- (1759, apparently derived from the Sinhalese turamali, referring to mixed-color gems of unknown identity) A stone of variable color that makes a striking gem when transparent and cut. The pink (rubellite), blue (indicolite) and the more common green are the most popular varieties.

  Judging from excavations and written descriptions, its diversity of color made tourmaline very popular as a precious stone in ancient times. It was valued as a "teller stone" in ancient Eastern Indian culture, providing insight during times of struggle and "telling" who and/or what was the Cause of the trouble. It has been used by shamen among the African, Native American and Aboriginal tribes and is thought to bring healing powers to the user and to provide protection from danger. Tourmaline is an excellent channelling stone for communication with higher forces. Blue Tourmaline  is linked with peace, balance, eloquence and emotional purification. Colorless Tourmaline (Achroite) brings contact with the angelic realm. Black Tourmaline protects us from negative energy. Brown Tourmaline encourages stability and practicality. Green Tourmaline is said to foster prosperity, success, general healing, strength, purification and communication. Yellow Tourmaline brings heightened intelligence and spiritual awareness. Violet Tourmaline inspires meditation. Pink Tourmaline attunes us to love and opens the heart. Multi-colored Tourmaline teaches us to live harmoniously  with the whole range of humanity. Tourmaline can stimulate communication and cooperation between opposing forces and has been used to encourage self- confidence and reduce fear and nervousness by promoting understanding. It is a tranquil, calming stone thought to be good for the lymphatic and digestive systems. Tourmaline is one of the birthstones for October (with opal), signifying hope.

Turquoise polishedTurquoise roughTURQUOISE- (14th century) A pale blue, greenish blue or pale green opaque gemstone, sometimes permeated with brown stains from iron compounds. The sky-blue variety, often referred to as robin's egg, is the form most desired for jewelry.

The name of the gem apparently relates to the fact that it was brought to Europe from the Eastern Mediterranean by Levantine traders, generally known as Turks. Found in neckwear and bracelets recovered from old Egyptian tombs, it has been valued as an ornament since ancient times. Native Americans valued it as a protective stone as well as a bestower of goodness and used it extensively to bring rain. It is sacred to the Pueblo Native Americans of New Mexico, symbolizing strength and power. The stone is believed to enhance creative expression, peace of mind; communication, friendship and loyalty. Turquoise is considered to be generally healing and fostering of empathy, positive thinking and sensitivity. It connects us with all life. In ancient times it was used to heal eye problems, especially cataracts, and in medieval times it was used as a cure for malaria and heart complaints. It is still considered by many to be a master healer and is said to help in the absorption of nutrients, strengthening the entire anatomy and stimulating tissue regeneration. It is particularly good for the throat and lungs and, because of its high copper content, is a conductor of healing and good for rheumatism and arthritis.  Turquoise is one of the birthstones for December (with lapis lazuli), symbolizing prosperity .

UNIKITE-Is associated with transpersonal healing. Balances emotions, and encourages Higher Love. Prepares and facilitates the re-birthing process, as well as the actual birth process as it is a healing tonic for the reproductive system. Finds the underlying cause of disease. Unikite gently releases blocks from old heart wounds. For the physical body, Unikite allows us to get to the core of the underlying problem and begin to heal it. 
VERDITE- While generally thought of as deep green in colour, verdite is found in an almost infinite variety of shades of green, sometimes mottled with yellow, red, white and light green patches. 

The only known deposits of this relatively soft stone are found in South Africa in the Barberton district where the first gold in the country was discovered and where some of the world's oldest outcrops of rocks, 3500 million years old, can be found. Verdite holds a great place in African life, both ancient and modern, as a stone used to  produce traditional animal and other ornamental carvings and as an ingredient in preparations for improving fertility. Verdite is considered a good medium to assist in linking with the spiritual world. It is believed to cleanse the blood, reduce toxicity and improve oxygenation within the body. It is also thought to soften abrasive character traits and -not surprisingly, considering its value in African fertility -to treat genital disorders.

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