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ABALONE- Is associated with healing, serenity, calmness, nobility, and honesty.


AGATE- (1570) A fine-grained variegated chalcedony (a member of the quartz family), usually with colors arranged in stripes, blended in clouds or showing moss-like forms (Moss Agate). Agates are generally formed by water seeping into cavities in volcanic rocks and depositing mineral salts in layers which over the centuries have hardened into varied-colored bands of chalcedony. These bands are often concentric, producing beautiful patterns. 

Named after the River Achetes in Sicily, agate is said to have been the eighth stone in the breastplate of the ancient high priest. In historic times, water in which it had been placed was used for cooking and drinking in order to alleviate sickness. Thought to protect the wearer from danger, encourage boldness and stimulate success, it has been used as a cure for insomnia, to ensure pleasant dreams and to relieve stress. Agate fosters love, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity, acceptance, courage, protection, balance, harmony, generosity, strength, security and appreciation of nature. Can help with childbirth, menstrual cramps, teething and grounding. It is thought to be of assistance in childbirth as well as in the treatment of heart disease. It may alleviate eyesight, hearing and hair problems and assist in cases of poisoning.  Agate is the zodiac stone for Gemini (21 May to 21 June).

AlexandriteALEXANDRITE- (1837, from Alexander 1, Russian emperor) 
A variety of chrysoberyl that exhibits the color green by sunlight and red-violet by artificial light. 

Alexandrite, a rare stone, is considered to have regenerative power. It is thought  to bring emotional and mental aspects into balance, to reinforce self-esteem and enhance one's ability to experience joy.  It is treasured as a magical stone in the Orient bringing good fortune to its owner. It has been used in the treatment of 
disorders of the nervous system, spleen and pancreas, and has helped with disorders associated with leukemia. Alexandrite is one of the birthstones for June (with pearl and moonstone), symbolizing health and longevity, and is Friday's stone.

AmazoniteAMAZONITE- (1879, from Amazon River) A variety of feldspar, which is the most abundant and common material known, amazonite can vary from a green jade color to turquoise. It is formed in unusually large crystals, some up to a ton in size, in the pegmatite stage of granite.

Amazonite is another of the sacred green stones that were valued by the ancient Egyptians. It is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest and has been used in jewelry for centuries. Named after the Amazon River, this stone was worn by the South American Natives to protect them from poisonous bites. Because of its high copper content, amazonite is very healing and is a good stone to carry or wear for looking after one's general health. Thought to be helpful for soothing the emotional processes and relieving worries and fears, amazonite soothes irritating and negative energy and helps with communications concerning love. It can also help to promote clarity and balancing of the many aspects of one's personality. Amazonite inspires growth, sincerity, honor, self-love,  integrity, trust, clairvoyance, clarity, prophecy and openness.  Opens creativity. Held to the third eye (middle of forehead), Amazonite unlocks psychic vision. Amazonite is a useful remedy for muscle spasms and can help correct calcium deficiencies and increase the body's resistance to tooth decay and osteoporosis.

AmberAmberAMBER- (14th century) An organic stone, amber is the fossilized resin from prehistoric pine trees. These now-extinct plants produced enormous quantities of resin which fell to the ground or filled large cracks and holes in the trees where it eventually became
fossilized. It is hard and golden to yellow-brown in color. 

Amber was one of the first substances used by men for amulets, medicine and decoration. It was brought to the foothills of the Alps from the Baltic coast and the distances covered to obtain it, vast for those days, give an idea of its importance. In ancient times it was ground or soaked and then consumed or drunk as a remedy for illness. It was used in the fire ceremonies of ancient tribal healers and is still a sacred stone to both the Native Americans and Eastern Indians. From medieval days, it was burned to clear the environment of negativity. Amber brings romantic love, purification, wisdom, energy and balance. It enhances patience, altruism, strength, calmness, healing, remembrance of past lives and ancient knowledge. This stone absorbs and transmutes negative energy. Amber is considered to be healing, 
soothing and harmonizing and to exert a positive influence on the endocrine system, spleen and heart. It has helped in the treatment of asthma, ear trouble, infection, malaria, rheumatism and cutting teeth. It is sometimes called the "Mindful One" because it not only remembers past centuries but helps with simple absent-mindedness

AMETHYST- (13th century, from Greek word amethystos, meaning "remedy against drunkenness"). A variety of crystallized quartz that occurs in colors ranging from deep purple to pale lavender. The presence of manganese in clear quartz produces amethyst, while the amount of iron content varies the strength of the purple coloration. 

The Romans believed this stone prevented drunkenness and used to drink out of amethyst-encrusted goblets; some believe the effect to be the same today if an amethyst is placed in a glass of wine. Amethyst is thought to bestow stability , strength and peace, to relieve stress, and to calm passion, emotional violence and anger. Amethyst  is associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, meditation, balance, psychic abilities,  inner peace, healing and positive transformation. This stone brings an understanding  of death and rebirth and relieves stress. Amethyst is a teacher of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic. It helps dreaming, dispels nightmares. It is known as the "sobriety stone", helps break bad habits. It is a powerful healing gem, having been used in treating disorders of the
nervous system, digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin and teeth. It has also been helpful in the treatment of blood disease, burns and scalds, color blindness, infections and edema. An amethyst under the pillow can aid sleeplessness amethyst placed on the center of the forehead can relieve the pain of headaches and other disorders. Amethyst is the birthstone for February, symbolizing sincerity, and the zodiac stone for Pisces (19 February to 20 March).

AquamarineAQUAMARINE- (1598, from aqua marina, Latin for" sea water"). A transparent variety of beryl that is blue, blue-green or green in color. The blue variety is the most valuable and the darker the blue, the more valuable the stone.  

Aquamarine was the eighth foundation stone in the wall of the New Jerusalem and was used to guard against injury during battle. Sometimes known as the "Serene One", it is said to calm the nerves and reduce fluid retention, enhancing clarity of mind and aiding creative self -expression. Aquamarine emits a gentle and compassionate energy , helping judgmental people to be more tolerant. It can also help one who is overloaded with responsibility to restore order. Associated with cleansing, peace, prophecy, inspiration, tranquility, strength and the wise use of inner power. This stone is attuned to the ocean and helps us to get in touch with the nature spirits of the sea. It is used to soothe, calm and alleviate fears and phobias. Promotes safe travel on the sea. It has been useful in the treatment of eyesight problems, swollen glands, liver trouble and toothache. Aquamarine is one of the birthstones for March (with bloodstone), symbolizing courage.

AventurineAVENTURINE- (1811, from the French aventure, meaning " chance" ) A variety of mineral, usually quartz or feldspar, which is spangled with bright particles of mica, hematite, etc. Ranges in color from  golden brown to green. The most common color is green. 

Aventurine is said to aid in the release of anxieties and fears, promoting emotional 
tranquility and positive attitudes towards life. It is also thought to enhance leadership 
qualities and reinforce decisiveness.
Aventurine enhances creativity, imagination, independence, prosperity, career success, calmness and balance. It helps us see alternatives and potentials. It is considered to be helpful in treating disorders of the heart, lungs, adrenal glands and the muscular and urogenital systems. It has also been useful in the treatment of eyesight and hair problems.

AzuriteAZURITE- (1868, from azur, the French word for "azure", the blue color of the clear sky) Azurite is a solid deep blue mineral consisting of basic carbonate of copper. It is found in a variety of forms including massive pieces, nodules and crystallized
clusters. Too soft to be used as an ornamental stone, azurite was used in ancient times (and even today) as a color pigment. Although it is rarely available in cut form the stone has a strong luster when cut and polished. 

Known as a "stone of heaven", azurite was a sacred stone for the Native Americans 
and was used to contact spiritual guides. The Mayans used the stone to awaken psychic abilities and promote the transfer of information through thought. In many other ancient civilizations the stone has been a symbol of status. Azurite can help to reduce indecision and bring relief from troubling thoughts and worries. The stone is said to improve creativity and promote self-confidence.
Azurite augments cleansing, healing, transformation, perspective, purification, patience, kindness, intuition, prophecy and truth. This stone offers spiritual guidance, promotes psychic dreams, unites the subconscious with the conscious mind and expands the limits of our minds. Thought to relieve any problems in the area of the larynx -either physical or emotional -azurite can help with laryngitis, sore throat and tonsillitis as well as public speaking, teaching; oral examinations, etc. Azurite also assists with skin, bones, teeth and circulation.

Beryl or ChrysoberylBERYL- (14th century) A very hard mineral consisting of a silicate of beryllium and aluminium, beryl occurs in a number of differently colored stones of which emerald is one. Colorless, it is named goshenite, golden it is called heliodor, pink is known as morganite, and the well-known blue variety is, of course, aquamarine.

Many years ago, beryl was said to safeguard sailors (aquamarine) and travellers 
(emerald) and was used in the treatment of throat, tooth, jaw, eye and stomach complaints.  Golden beryl is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the ancient high priest. It represents purity and promotes initiative and independence in thought and action. It  has been used in the treatment of disorders of the heart, liver and spine and can also be helpful in treating concussion and damage to the cranial portion of the head. It has also been used in the treatment of eyesight problems as well as mouth and stomach complaints. Beryl is the zodiac stone for Scorpio (24 October to 21 November).

BloodstoneBLOODSTONE (HELIOTROPE)- (1515)Bloodstone is a variety of quartz which occurs in massive formations. The color is green with flecks of red, although in smaller pieces of the mineral the red may not appear. It is also called heliotrope which refers to turning towards the sun, inferring that the reflection of the sun is blood-red.

Bloodstone was said by the ancient scholar, Pliny, to have been used as a mirror for viewing an eclipse of the sun. The red spots in legend represent the blood of Christ wounded on the cross. Bloodstone is said to strengthen and oxygenate the bloodstream, enhancing physical and mental vitality. It will strengthen the heart, spleen and bone marrow and aids in balancing iron deficiencies. It is a powerful physical healer and reduces emotional/mental stress. It also stimulates the revitalization of friendships, love and other relationships. It helps one to demonstrate unselfishness and idealism, to improve ones talents and abilities, to enhance creative efforts and to support the decision-making processes. Bloodstone brings alignment, organization, smooth energy flow, generosity, idealism, good fortune and purification. It is good to keep a bloodstone in any place that needs its energy cleansed. It has also been used in the rectification of failing eyesight, lung congestion and rashes and has been helpful in the treatment of bladder and stomach 
problems, hemorrhoids and inflammation.
It helps in childbirth, stops bleeding, and eliminates toxins. Bloodstone is one of the birthstones for March (with 
aquamarine), symbolizing courage, and the zodiac stone for Aries (21 March to 19 April).

CarnelianCARNELIAN- (1695)A hard and tough translucent form of chalcedony that usually occurs in a uniform color of red, orange or red-brown.

Known thousands of years before the birth of Christ; carnelian has been used extensively in jewelry ever since, particularly for signet rings, seals, cameos and scarabs because of its hardness and rich orange-red color. Engraved with Arabic characters, it protected the wearer from the tricks of the envious. Throughout the East envy is feared, for it is believed that it will cause the envied to lose his possessions. It was the favorite stone of the prophet Mohammed and verses from the Koran have been found engraved on this stone. Carnelian is said to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. It provides perceptiveness and awakens one's inherent talents and skills and also protects against fear and rage. It helps to alleviate sorrow and can also be used to dispel apathy and indolence. Carnelian is linked with emotional warmth, sociability, creativity, individuality, memory, appreciation of nature, harmony, courage, happiness, self- esteem, rebirth, reincarnation and past life recall. This stone calms our fears about death and rebirth, bringing serenity and acceptance of the great cycle of life. It also can aid reproduction, sexuality, menstrual cramps, lungs, asthma and arthritis. Carnelian has been used in the treatment of neuralgia and rheumatism, gall and kidney stones, pollen allergies and colds, and can aid in the relief of disorders of the spine, spleen and pancreas. It has also been effective in the treatment of infection, fever, blood poisoning and muscle spasms. Carnelian is the zodiac stone for Virgo (23 August to 22 September).

Cat's EyeCAT'S EYE- (1599)The terminology Cat's Eye sometimes refers to a variety of chryoberyl but more commonly to silicified asbestos known as Tiger's Eye or Hawk Eye (both shown above). Cat's Eye shows a light-colored line that changes position as the gem is turned, giving it a resemblance to the eye of a cat. The color range is endless due to the numerous stones in which it may occur.Also known as Cymophane

This mineral is said to represent happiness and serenity and to amplify one's "luck". Cat's Eye builds determination, strength of mind, steadfastness, will power, moral courage, tenacity, vigor, resolve, self control, intelligence and knowledge. It also fosters constancy, stability and the ability to weather all storms. It can act to stimulate intuition and to enhance awareness and can also be used in the treatment of eye disorders or to increase vision responses during night-driving. In addition, cat's-eye has been used to relieve headaches and pain associated with the nervous system as well as asthma and bowel cramp. Cat's-Eye is Thursday's stone.

ChalcedonyCHALCEDONY- (13th century, named after an ancient city in Turkey near Istanbul) Chalcedony is a variety of quartz and can be transparent, translucent or opaque. There are many types and colors of chalcedony, some of which are covered in this list of stones, including agate, bloodstone, chrysoprase, carnelian, jasper, onyx and sardonyx

Chalcedony was used for centuries to promote stability in the ceremonial activities of Native American tribes and the Tibetans revered it as a symbol of the lotus flower. White chalcedony was given to nursing mothers to increase lactation. Stemming from the nurturing energy within the stone, chalcedony symbolizes benevolence, relieving hostilities, irritability and depression, and stimulating optimism and goodwill. The stone also promotes generosity , receptivity and responsiveness. Chalcedony is thought to bring relief from problems in the area of the throat and neck, both physical problems and those associated with using the voice, such as lecturing, etc. Chalcedony has been used to bring tranquility to the nervous system and to dispel worrying thoughts. In addition it is said to promote mental stability and to cure various forms of dementia.

CHRYSOBERYL- The color ranges from yellow to green to brown. There are many types and colors of chrysoberyl, some of which are covered in this list of stones, including alexandrite, aquamarine, cat's eye and emeraldChrysoberyl is said to promote kindness, generosity, benevolence, hope, optimism, renewal, new beginnings, compassion and forgiveness. 
CHRYSOCOLLA- A blue-green member of the quartz clan.  Also known as Gem Silica. Chrysocolla is associated with tranquility, serenity, peace, subconscious wisdom, intuition, patience, nurturance, acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love, honesty, hope, intimacy, gentleness and sensitivity. Also it protects against negativity and jealousies. It eases emotional heartache and helps digestion.
CHRYSOLITE- (14th century) The word chrysolite (Greek for "gold stone") applies to any gold-coloured stone, but historians agree that peridot, though green in color, was the stone referred to as chrysolite.  Chrysolite is the zodiac stone for Libra (23 September to 23 October).
ChrysopraseCHRYSOPRASE- (13th century)A fine-grained quartz which derives its beautiful apple-green color from the presence of nickel in the stone. 

Chrysoprase was called the "Stone of Venus" by the Romans. In the middle ages it was valued as a cure for restlessness, for making the wearer quick-witted and for imparting adaptability and presence of mind. It was also carried as a safety measure by those undertaking sea voyages. Chrysoprase is said to be a very "inward-
looking" stone, helping with calming, balancing and inner mental healing while enhancing lightheartedness and joy. It can moderate superiority or inferiority complexes and is thought to encourage fidelity in business and personal 
This stone is considered protective towards children, young animals and seedlings. It has been used in the treatment of disorders of the heart, to control bleeding, to increase one's dexterity and to relieve frailty and infirmity . Chrysoprase is also thought to be helpful in childbirth.

CitrineCITRINE- (1748)A variety of quartz, the color ranging from yellow to golden brown to burnt amber. 

Citrine is said to be one of the stones used in the breastplate of the ancient high priest. It is thought to stimulate both mental focus and endurance. It can help dispel fundamental levels of fear, brightening even the darkest corners of one's perceived reality and helping one to "laugh without restraint". It is very useful in assisting to penetrate problems and expedite solutions. Augments happiness, prosperity, generosity, creativity, pleasure, protection, strength, alignment, confidence, stability, energy, comfort, truth, goodness and warmth. It helps assimilation, enjoyment of life and spiritual growth. This is a stone of success in all walks of life. It can also be helpful in the treatment of digestive and blood circulation disorders. 

COBALT- Fosters channeling, communication with the higher forces, balancing and praying. Cobalt teaches us to be open and give thanks. 
COPPER- This metal promotes channeling, cleansing, luck, prosperity, purification, self-esteem, communication and energy. Copper is often used as the shaft of crystal wands because it facilitates the flow of energy.
CORAL- (14th century)Coral, the vacated housing of a marine animal, comes from the sea. The kind of coral traditionally used in jewelry is found in reefs in the tropical waters of Polynesia, off the coast of Japan and in the Mediterranean. Although red coral is most frequently used in jewelry , other colors include pink, white, black and blue. 

Coral was highly regarded as a symbol of vitality by the Tibetans and American Indians and was thought to be indispensable in bone formation, particularly for children. These beliefs applied particularly to red coral and it was even considered to be an indication of blood disease if the coral became paler when worn. Representing diplomacy and concurrence, coral is said to quiet the emotions and bring inner peace as well as promoting intuition, imagination and visualisation. White Coral is linked with balance, relaxation, protection, safe travel on water and appreciation of nature. Pink Coral is associated with platonic love, friendship and community. Red Coral promotes creativity, passion, romantic love, wisdom, optimism and enthusiasm. Red Coral is believed to be useful for treating anemia, circulation problems, menstrual disorders and infertility. Black Coral grants serenity and peace while absorbing negative energy.

CORUNDUM- (1728) The second hardest of all minerals, corundum consists of aluminium oxide and occurs in massive form and as variously colored crystals, which include the ruby and sapphire. Apart from red and blue, the color range includes orange, yellow, grey-to-brown, black, bronze with pearly lustre, pink, green and purple.

Corundum is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest. It enhances insight and intuitive awareness and moderates harsh and irritating attitudes. Corundum is also thought to help calm the emotions and help one to release anger in a positive way. This stone has been used in the treatment of eye disorders and to soothe and smooth the skin.

Crystal, Rock Crystal, Crystal QuartzCRYSTAL- (13th century, from the Greek krystallos, meaning ice) A clear, transparent form of quartz which has not been colored by the presence of other minerals. The "purest" of all quartzes. Clear Quartz- One of earth's most common minerals is also known as rock crystal or quartz crystal.  

Because quartz transmits heat it is cool to touch and crystal was originally believed to have been ice that had lost its ability to melt. Quartz crystals have been used for religious purposes since ancient times when priests used them to render negative energy impotent, to destroy black magic and to dissolve enchantments and spells. Quartz is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the ancient 
high priest. Quartz crystals have been used extensively by many cultures for diagnostic healing. During the days of the "old ways", people as widely dispersed as Native Americans, African tribes, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Australian Aborigines, Romans, Celts, Scots and Tibetan Buddhists relied on quartz crystals to recognize the origin of disease. Romans used crystals to reduce fevers and to relieve medieval times they were held against the tongue to alleviate fever as well as diminish thirst. Numerous healing properties have been ascribed to quartz in general and rock
crystal in particular since ancient times and it is, in fact, used more frequently today for healing and diagnosis than any other stone ...naturopaths, faith healers, clairvoyants and psychic healers commonly use crystal.
Clear quartz crystals facilitate wisdom, clarity of thought, general healing, memory, meditation, communication, transformation, awakening, cleansing, pureness of heart, intention, higher consciousness, positive thoughts, harmony and love. This stone amplifies prayers, wishes and positive visualizations.

 Cut DiamondRough DiamondsDIAMOND- (14th century, from the Greek word adamas, meaning "invincible ")A native crystalline carbon that is usually nearly colorless, although white, black and various pale shades of pink, yellow, red, orange, green, blue and brown are found. All good gem diamonds are transparent and free of flaws, and colorless stones, known as white diamonds, are extremely valuable. Considered the hardest substance on the earth, diamonds are also widely used industrially. 

The diamond has traditionally played a part in history as a symbol of royal power. During ancient times it was commonly used as a talisman against cowardice and was valued as a stone to bestow invulnerability .The power of the diamond was believed to work only when the stone was freely given. In ancient times it was given to ensure love, promote harmony and dispel anger. It was first cut in the 14th century but it took until 1910 for the modem brilliant cut (a form of cut with numerous facets giving the stone special brilliance) to develop. In Greek mythology, Eros, the god of erotic love, is said to have used arrows tipped with diamonds to stimulate people to fall in love with one another. The brilliance of diamonds was supposed to shine a light that kept negativity at bay. It symbolized durability, incorruptibility and invincibility. Amante de Dio (Italian for diamond) means 'lover of God'. The diamond stimulates clear mental sight and is said to amplify the full spectrum of energies in mind, body and spirit, inspiring innocence, faithfulness, abundance and serenity. The Clear Diamond is said to bond relationships, and encourage innocence, love, longevity, balance, clarity, profundity, abundance, courage, purity, hope and discernment. This stone helps us get to the essence of things. Black Diamonds grant us the courage to look within without illusion. Blue Diamonds inspire us to take better care of our health and strengthen will power. Pink Diamonds foster creative expression. Yellow Diamonds make us more thoughtful and considerate. Diamonds are also thought to be helpful in the treatment of poisoning. Diamond is the birthstone for April, symbolizing innocence.

EmeraldEmeraldEMERALD- (14th century) A green form of beryl, emerald takes its color from the presence of chrome in the stone and is probably the most valuable of all precious stones. 

 Known from as early as 2,000 BC, the emerald was very popular with the ancient Egyptians. It was named as the fourth foundation stone in the wall of the new Jerusalem. It was said to heal inflammation, was used as an antiseptic and even used to cure major infections such as the plague, by rubbing the stone on a sore. The jewel of Venus, Roman goddess of love and beauty, emerald is known as a "stone of successful love" and is said to promote domestic bliss and to instill both sensitivity and loyalty in oneself as well as in others. It aids fertility, growth, honesty and self-discovery (this is a truth-promoting stone, inspiring deep knowing from within) and is thought to be helpful if you are feeling vulnerable in a relationship. The emerald is said to solve complex problems by stimulating the brain and the memory .It is considered to be an antidote for poison and to heal diseases of the eye and improve eyesight as well as being good for bones and teeth. Emerald is used as a cure-all, strengthening the heart, liver, kidneys and immune system and vitalizing and toning the body and mind. It can be used to improve the memory and to stimulate the use of greater mental capacity . Emerald is the birthstone for May, symbolizing love and success, and the zodiac stone for Cancer (22 June to 22 July).

Fire AgateFIRE AGATE- Is said to help those who are overly timid become more assertive and self-expressive. Fire agate associated with courage, protection, enthusiasm and goodness. See agate.
FIRE OPAL- Inspires dynamic energy, intensity, passion, emotional expressiveness. also see Opal.
FLUORITE- Commonly white, yellow, blue, green, purple, or a mixture of these colors. Fluorite fosters truth, intellect, consciousness, aura cleansing and protection. It also assists in focusing and centering, and in balancing when working on the computer. Called the "genius stone" it helps one's ability to concentrate. Blue Fluorite calms the emotions. Purple Fluorite increases spiritual balance and mystic visions. Yellow Fluorite nurtures wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. White Fluorite builds purity of spirit. Fluorite is a very protective stone, especially offering psychic protection.
GarnetGARNET- (14th century, derived from the Latin word for pomegranate as garnets were thought to resemble the seeds of this fruit) A brittle and more or less transparent silicate mineral, the name covers a wide variety of chemically different stones of varying colors the most popular being red or green. 

The best known garnets are the dark red varieties which have been used for thousands of years and were particularly fashionable during the Victorian era. Garnets have been valued as a sacred stone by the Native Americans, the South American Natives, the Aztecs, the African tribal elders and the Mayans. Statues of Isis, the Egyptian nature goddess, often included garnets in her ceremonial belt, probably representing her blood and her power. The loving powers of garnet tend to reflect the attributes of devotion and it is strongly associated with the balancing of the sex drive and emotional disharmony, bringing love, compassion and an enhanced imagination. Associated with love and passion, the garnet has been known as a "stone of commitment" to purpose, to others and to oneself. Red Garnet inspires  positive thoughts, inspiration, energy, past life recall, career success, social popularity and self- confidence. It helps us become more productive and achievement oriented. Green Garnet augments peace, serenity, meditation, creativity, healing, purification, patience and clarity of thought. The stone has been used in the treatment of toxicity , mental depression, heart trouble, inflammation and under active thyroid. Garnet is the birthstone for January, symbolizing constancy, and the zodiac stone for Aquarius (21 January to 18 February)

GEODES- Foster intellectual insight, awareness and community. Geodes help us attract compatible friends and lovers and teach us to live in harmony with each other.
GOLD- Gold is associated with virtue, moral excellence, nobility of mind, purification, happiness, honor, wealth, strength of will, generosity, positive thoughts, energy, good humor, courage, stability, luck and opportunity. This metal stimulates action and ennobles the character.
HematiteHEMATITE- (1530, from the Greek word aima or ema, meaning blood, apparently because of the red color of powdered hematite and the color of some larger pieces) Hematite is a relatively common iron ore, occurring in thin, relatively brittle, crystals which are black or a dark iron-grey. The individual crystals have a strong, metallic luster. It may also be less solid, almost earthy, and red in color.

Hematite has been called a "stone for the mind", helping one to sort out troubling issues on one's mind. It can be helpful in the enhancement of mental attunement, memory , original thinking and technical knowledge. Although this stone stimulates mental capability , it also produces a calming influence. Dispelling self-limiting concepts, it promotes the realization of one's full potential. This stone has been traditionally considered to have a beneficial effect on legal situations. It is also capable of helping the body to remain cool; placed on the forehead, it will draw out the heat from a fever. Hematite can be used in the treatment of leg cramps, anemia, nervous disorders and insomnia and is said to increase resistance to stress. It has been known to assist in spinal alignment and in the healing of fractures. Placing pieces of hematite on the base of the spine, on the area of misalignment and on the top of the spine is said to aid in adjustment of the vertebrae. Although it was traditionally used in jewelry for mourning, it is today found combined with pearls in fashion jewelry.

JadeJADE- (1657, from the Spanish piedra de la ijada, literally meaning loin stone from the belief that jade cures renal colic) Technically there are two minerals comprising jade: jadeite, which is normally white to pale green, but sometimes bright green (imperial jade) or even blue/grey or pink; and nephrite, which has a fine texture and is also usually green. 

Jade was used in ancient times for weapons, utensils and ornaments. It is one of the toughest minerals known and was probably the most revered stone in Ancient China, representing the five cardinal virtues of charity , modesty ,courage, justice and wisdom. Almost all Chinese wore apiece of jade in one form or another to protect the wearer from illness and accidental injury. It was used by ancient primitive tribes as a sacred stone, assisting them in access to the spiritual worlds. Old writings suggest it protects the wearer from kidney problems and brings good luck in games of chance. It is a soft, gentle stone and is believed to promote a long and prosperous life. It is good for flexibility and tolerance...a stone of friendship. All jade augments  fertility, serenity, wisdom, practicality, tranquility, balance, peace, harmony, moderation, perspective, equilibrium and stability. This is a stone that helps us understand our dreams and teaches us to live in harmony with the laws of nature and spirit. Black Jade offers protection from negativity and fosters the wise use of power. Blue Jade inspires meditation. Butterfat Jade brings relaxation. Lavender Jade inspires love, optimism and beauty. Orange Jade enhances energy and protection. White Jade fosters practical application of spirituality. Yellow Jade is linked with assimilation, digestion, understanding and empathy. Taken in a drink, jade can strengthen the muscles, harden the bones, calm the mind and purify the blood. It soothes, heals and balances, is good for asthma and heart, kidney and bladder problems.

JADEITE- Wide range of colors. A component of jade. Jadeite encourages emotional balance, a sense of well being and healing dreams.
Red JasperJASPER- (14th century) A form of opaque, usually patterned, chalcedony which is found in massive formations. The mineral is usually stained by impurities and occurs in various colors such as red, green, yellow and blue. The popular red variety is a fine-grained quartz, colored by inclusions of hematite. The colors may be arranged in bands of red or a mottled mixture of many different patterns and colors, such as leopard jasper, desert jasper and picasso jasper

From ancient times this hard and durable gemstone was cherished for its beauty and mystical properties. The jasper mentioned in the Bible as one of the stones in the breastplate of the ancient high priest and in the wall of the New Jerusalem is believed to have been a dark green, opalescent stone. Jasper is believed to bring good health as well as courage and wisdom in undertakings involving risk. Because of its physical properties, engravers of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt carved this stone into exquisite cameos, intaglios and scarabs. Jasper was considered a sacred stone by the Native Americans . The jasper containing a yellow color was used to assist and protect during times of travel (spiritual and physical), that containing the red color was thought to induce health and rebirth, bringing fresh ideas to the holder and that containing the blue color was used to connect one with the "after" worlds. Jasper is associated with relaxation, contentment, compassion, nurturing, consolation, tranquility, completion, wholeness, healing and gentle endings. Jasper is also a good stone for those who need organizational abilities. Jasper can be used in the treatment of tissue deterioration of the internal organs and for disorders of the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach. It can also be used to treat the loss of the sense of smell and is thought to soothe the nerves .

JET- A form of coal. The color is black. jet fosters nobility, honor, decency, justice, goodness, protection, optimism, emotional balance, courteousness, happiness, benevolence, confidence, transformation, positive growth, courage and leadership abilities. This stone encourages us to stay centered in all situations. 
KunziteKUNZITE- A pink to light violet member of the Spodumene clan. Kunzite is associated with gentleness, friendliness, self-discipline, emotional balance, inner love, maturity, security, calmness, openness and moderation. This stone synthesizes loving thoughts a and communication, self-love, unconditional love and romantic love. Kunzite helps us attract gentle friends and teaches us to combine compassionate self-love with discipline.
LabaradoriteLABRADORITE- (1814, derived from its main source, Labrador peninsula in Canada) A type of feldspar with an uninteresting background color but displaying an iridescence which gives the stone its value. The background color is a dark smoke grey, but when light strikes it in a particular direction, it displays striking rainbow-colored reflections (peacock blue, coppery red or dusky gold) known as labradorescence. Also known as spectrolite.

Labradorite is thought by some to symbolize the moon and the sun and has, in fact, been found to be a constituent of moon rock. Feldspar, and therefore labradorite, assists one to progress from old ways, encouraging unconventional and exciting new methods to attain one's goals. Labradorite can also assist one to handle changes, promoting strength and perseverance. It has been known as the matriarch of the subconscious mind, facilitating the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought. Labradorite promotes psychic abilities, occult powers, strength of will and a feeling of inner worth. Labradorite strengthens and protects our aura and teaches us to use Mystical power wisely and well. This stone also aids us in communicating with our highest self. It is said to be helpful in the treatment of disorders of the brain, to stimulate mental acuity and to reduce anxiety and stress. It can assist in digestion, regulation and metabolism and has been used to clarify the eyes. Labradorite is Saturday's stone.  

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